Lock It Up

21 Mar

You may have noticed a week and a half ago that I mentioned something about my car having been broken into.

At the time, the cops from Brookline who took the report and dusted for fingerprints told me mine wasn’t the only one in the neighborhood that had been broken into, and in fact, mine was the rare one where the window wasn’t broken.

But now I’ve seen that there’s been a rash of break-ins all over the city.

So as a PSA, I’ll just say that if you have a car, make sure it’s locked and that any valuables are removed. Don’t be like me and not remove the faceplate from your radio.

You may just come to find that it and the rest of the radio are missing one day.

I suppose I got lucky because the only thing taken from my car was my $100 radio, not the CDs or other items, and as I mentioned, the windows were not broken.

In fact, altogether, it was a pretty clean break-in — if you don’t count the big handprint on my window. Even the radio itself was removed without breaking anything.

These had to be some real pros.

But even though the radio that was taken wasn’t all that expensive, it still was no picnic to have it replaced, so I thought I’d pass along this note of warning.

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