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Discover Him

11 Mar

Within the past couple days, my car was broken into and my radio was stolen (again — it was the second time in two years). This was annoying on its own, but for the purposes of this blog, I’ll tell you one of the other reasons I was annoyed by it was that I was looking forward to spending the day listening to my new favorite CD, James Morrison‘s Undiscovered. Chances are good you’ve never heard of Morrison, but that’s likely because his CD doesn’t actually hit stores until Tuesday (I scored an advance copy). In brief, he’s another one in the wave of Brits who are releasing albums stateside this year (i.e.: Lily Allen, Amy Winehouse, Mika, etc.).

Morrison is a singer-songwriter with a bit of soul; he’s kind of like a more upbeat Ray LaMontagne. I’ve also seen comparisons to David Gray, Jeff Buckley, and Damien Rice. The first single off Undiscovered is “You Give Me Something,” and I’d love to link you to it, but instead, I’ll link you to his MySpace page and his official site, both of which have streams of it. You can also download it at iTunes. I can, however, link you to other tracks from his CD, “Wonderful World” and “The Pieces Don’t Fit Anymore.” Also notable on the CD is “Under the Influence.” The CD is out on Tuesday (as is Amy Winehouse’s), and I know it’ll only cost $7.99 at Best Buy (actually, Amy Winehouse’s CD will be on sale for the same price there), so go pick it up.