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Same Story, Different Coast

3 Jun

As I’ve learned time and again, it’s a bad thing for me to be set loose in a nice place with my camera, and now that I’m on vacation here in Los Angeles, I’ve slipped all-too-easily into the role of “tourist.” Yesterday I went to one of my favorite places, the Getty Center, and must have taken about 50 pictures, some of the same things from different angles. In fact, I was there for about three hours, and not counting the architecture, I didn’t see a single piece of art. And it’s not like this was my first trip there. (I should add right away that the picture above is not one of mine, but one I found on Wikipedia’s site about the Getty that I really like.) You’ll see all my pictures and hear all my stories when I return to the right coast, but as long as I have Web access at Todd and Tiffany’s, I thought I’d give some quick trip updates every day before I set off, in case you’re interested in what I’m up to out here. Had a good flight, it was half-full, and despite having more space than I needed and two whole rows to choose from, I couldn’t sleep. Thankfully, the inflight movie was King Kong, so I watched that again. Yesterday I went to Westwood and had brunch at Jerry’s, mmmmmmmm. While I was walking around, I saw an armed robbery in progress at the EB Games store (well, not from inside the store, but I saw the cops with guns and the backup and the helicopter and the newsvans, etc.). Good stuff (and no, I didn’t take any pictures of it). Went to the Getty with Rachel, who I’ll also see next week at Reunion. Went to the Dodger game vs Phillies with Todd, Tiffany and Kerri. The Dodgers lost, but it was good to see that Nomar is loved by the fans and playing well — the PA plays “Low Rider” when he comes up to bat. Also, it was Ron Cey bobble head night. (Bonus!) And the temperatures here are in the mid-80s, which is really nice. I’m just relaxing and taking it easy out here, on this last weekend of my 31st year. If yesterday was any indication, it should be a good rest of the trip.

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