Is Zathmary’s Clozed?

2 Mar

Stores in Coolidge Corner seem to close often enough that when another shuts its doors, it’s hardly newsworthy — much less blogworthy. But something’s up at Zathmary’s, and I can’t seem to figure out if the store has closed for good or what.

All week, the delivery trucks have arrived, dropping off the daily breads, newspapers and produce, and leaving them right out front or just inside the front door. And there they stay.

When I pass by at night on the way home, the place is empty, half the lights are off, chairs are still stacked on the tables, display cases still empty.

And despite the fact that it’s now Thursday, and there’s food that’s been sitting out since Monday, I’m surprised there’s no sign or anything in the window to announce the store’s closing or what the status is. Nor is there anything on the store’s web site.

In the hierarchy of Coolidge Corner shops, if there is one, Zathmary’s has to be near the top. It’s got a central location right across from the movie theater, it’s nice, reliable, and distinctive. There was always freshly-prepared food and a decent salad bar, with other gourmet offerings available as well.

And even if I hadn’t patronized the store in a while, it was nice to know the option was always there. And, it’s local and not a chain (even though there is a second location in Needham).

Given the neighborhood and how busy the store usually was, I’d be really surprised if Zathmary’s really did close. For now, however, I’m just left wondering.

Update, 12:00 — There’s a story in the Brookline Tab today. Zathmary’s has closed. Long live Zathmary’s.

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