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Looking for a Miracle Cure. Again

7 Mar

I tell you, the cold and flu remedy industry is the biggest racket. I’ve been sick for a week, and I’ve tried about four different remedies. Everyone has their favorite, and I’ve asked around. Started with Nyquil (only, and at night), took that for a couple days, then on Saturday I switched to Tylenol Cold Relief. And then yesterday, I switched to Sudafed. And my nose is still runny and my head is still congested. It’s safe to say that none of this crap works. I mean, it’s not that I feel sick — which, I suppose, is the bonus of the situation — but I sure wish I could stop high-tailing it to the bathroom every hour to blow all that “stuff” out. And I wish I could hear things clearly, instead of the muffled way I do now.

Today it was recommended that I get a saline spray, so I did, and despite my wariness, I shot a spray up both nostrils. So far, it’s alright. But I’m not sure I did it at full blast enough to make a real difference (20 minutes later and I already have the sniffles).

Regardless, enough is enough. I also made a doctor’s appointment today for tomorrow afternoon. People at work called me a wimp for doing it because they too are sick and have been dealing with it for longer than I have and blah blah blah … well, I don’t want to carry a cold as long as they are. I already wasted one weekend inside, sitting on my couch. This weekend I want to go places. And until then, I want to be able to concentrate at work without being so distracted. I want — hell, I need an antibiotic, or something stronger and proven and reliable so I can stop blowing my nose and can get back to normal.

I estimate I’ve spent about $25 on this cold already, and while that doesn’t sound like so much added up, when you’re spending $5.99 on one thing, and then $3 to replenish the O.J., and then $1.50 on another box of tissues, and then another $6 for another medication … well, you just want something that works so you can stop making nightly runs to CVS. As I say, the cold and flu remedy industry is a racket and it’s sucked enough money out of me already.

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