If You’ve Got It, Flaunt It

30 Nov

The Good News? The Producers is great. Just like the show, it’s funny, the songs are catchy and memorable, there’s priceless chemistry between Matthew Broderick and Nathan Lane, and you want to leap to your feet with applause throughout.

The Bad News? Did I mention it’s just like the show? More so than even the movie of Chicago was, The Producers is basically a filmed version of the show. It’s like there was a camera on stage documenting the whole thing. There’s no attempt to make it more real by filming in real locations (aside from some quick scenes in Central Park), and with many of the characters performing right to the audience/camera just as they would on stage, there is no pretense that it’s anything more than a film of the show. It’s just bigger (more dancers, larger sets, etc.).

So yeah, that’s the mixed news. But I have to emphasize that while The Producers: the movie is almost exactly like The Producers: the show, it is a really well done filmed version. As I said, it’s bigger in scope, really funny, and I was actually tempted to burst out in applause more than a few times. I mean, let’s be honest: The Producers is a great show (it did win 11 Tony Awards, after all). And what’s different about the movie version — some new jokes, Will Ferrell, fun cameos — is generally really enjoyable. (Then again, Uma Thurman is not so good. The first scene with Leo and Max goes on a bit too long. And by the way, what happened to the “King of Broadway” song?) I really enjoyed the movie, so I’ll give The Producers a B+ and highly recommend it.

(And by the way, when you see the movie, make sure you stay all the way to the end, after the end credits.)

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