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Quote of the Day

27 Nov

“You always do that.”
— a woman to her boyfriend at Shaw’s, as he tried to put his credit card into the “Insert Cash Here” slot in the self-service check-out line

… it could also apply to me, since I always seem to end up behind stupid people like that, especially when the line is short and should move quickly (and of course, it never does).

Where Are All You People?

27 Nov

Happy Thanksgiving, indeed.

Maybe I was smart this year, or maybe I just got lucky, but I hit zero traffic this weekend. None. Nada. Zip. Continue reading

City on Fire

27 Nov

I attended the tale of Sweeney Todd Saturday night.

Regular readers of this site may recall that I interviewed Michael Cerveris a few months back, but that was before the show had opened. (Actually, I spoke with him before he had even begun rehearsals.)

So now that the show is a month into its run on Broadway, I figured it was a good time to get some tickets. Continue reading

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