Where Are All You People?

27 Nov

Happy Thanksgiving, indeed.

Maybe I was smart this year, or maybe I just got lucky, but I hit zero traffic this weekend. None. Nada. Zip.

To wit:
* Driving down on Wednesday, I left Brookline around 9 a.m. I made two quick stops at Best Buy on the way (the one in Framingham was closed so I went to one somewhere right off of 84 in Connecticut), and made it to my parents’ place at 12:30.

* That afternoon, we left the apartment at 2:30 and made it over the Throgs Neck Bridge and to Great Neck to meet my sister with no delay. There was also no traffic after the wedding at 1 a.m.

* Friday, en route back to Great Neck, we made it in about 50 minutes, normal time. Same with going home, give or take five minutes for a small backup.

* Last night, my dad and I decided to drive into the city around 4:30 rather than take the train, and it was also clear sailing, just as it was at 11 p.m. on the way home.

* And the best part of all, today I left White Plains at 10:45 a.m., 15 minutes ahead of schedule, and I was back in Brookline at 1:30. That’s completely unheard of. On a typical Thanksgiving Sunday, it would have taken me more than four hours (closer to five) to make this trip. Today I did it in about 2:45. I sailed up the Merritt and Rte. 91, zipped through Hartford, had only a small backup at the toll booth in Sturbridge because some people still don’t know which ones are the Fast Lane lanes, and cruised across the Mass Pike. I’m stunned — and perfectly relaxed.

So I ask: Are all you people stuck in traffic now as I’m writing this, or did more people fly than drive this year? Either way, I’m so happy to be back in Boston so early.

(P.S.: Good thing there was no traffic on the Pike today. I was listening to Green Day‘s new live CD, Bullet in a Bible. If ever there was a foot-on-the-gas, pound-the-steering-wheel, yell/scream/sing along CD, this is it.)

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