It’s Not Just Shannon Who Was Spoiled

10 Nov

I can’t get too upset about Shannon’s death on last night’s episode of Lost. For starters, we’ve known for months that someone was going to die. So when the episode began and it was clear that it was a Shannon episode, and most of the hour was going to focus on her — well, duh. Clearly she’s the one who was going to die. And there’s no real loss to the show there. Sure, Maggie Grace is hot, but ever since Boone died last year, her character had turned into a bit of a drip (when they showed her, that is). And I just didn’t buy her relationship with Sayid. Talk about convenient.

To be honest, as the episode wore on, given the trajectory the flashback was on, I was hoping that in the end it was actually Sayid who didn’t make it. (I mean, that’s assuming that Ana Lucia wasn’t the one. How cool would it have been if Sawyer had woken up and shot her? Or Michael or Jin. Ugh. What a one-note bitch. Get over it, already.) Sayid even said to Shannon, “I’ll never leave you.” Isn’t that the cliché? In horror movies, whoever says that line dies almost instantly. Oh well.

What I can get upset about is the fact that the Boston Herald ruined it all in yesterday’s paper, and without warning. We’re talking not just the who but also the how. Sure, they blamed it on the National Enquirer, but still … I had deliberately avoided all spoilers related to the episode, and then while innocuously scanning the “Inside Track” page yesterday, there it was. Damn you, Boston Herald! Damn you! What a buzzkill it was come 9:55 last night. (And as a kicker, the paper even rated the episode a B+ in today’s issue. Clearly the reviewer didn’t read her own paper yesterday.)

So now I’m revved up about next week’s episode. I can’t wait to see the “tailies”‘ side of the story. I’ll bet it’s a great episode, maybe the best of the year. And with no crucial plot points for the Herald to ruin, it should be easier to enjoy.


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