The Guy Is Falling! The Guy Is Falling!

7 Nov

Could Chicken Little have been any worse, you may have asked yourself after reading my review last week? Well, check out this story from Sunday’s New York Daily News and make your own decision:

No Chicken Little — Kids See Suicide

A Times Square movie theater laid an egg at a showing of Chicken Little last night.

Adults and kids expecting to watch Disney’s G-rated animated flick at the AMC Empire 25 theater on 42nd St. were instead presented with a foreign film that opened with a young man committing suicide.

“It’s pandemonium,” Joshua Gallo, 30, told the Daily News as he rushed out of the theater with his 5-year-old son and 1-year-old daughter. “The kids are crying. The mothers are screaming for the managers to stop the film.”

Terrified children didn’t know what to do as they watched a young boy hang himself from a tree at the 8:45 p.m. screening.

After five minutes, Andrea, a Spanish drama opening today, was turned off and Chicken Little was played.

Patrons got a coupon for a free movie.

— by Oren Yaniv and Rich Schapiro

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