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5 Things Small Businesses Can Learn from the 2012 Summer Olympics

1 Aug

Though I tried awfully hard to resist, over the past couple weeks I’ve come down with a pretty bad case of Olympics Fever. (Damn you, NBC, and your endless hype!)

Thankfully, it’s been an exciting few days and there have been plenty of highlights — a great Opening Ceremony and Ryan Lochte beating Michael Phelps among them.

Even if you don’t have much interest in swimming, diving, basketball, gymnastics, tennis, cycling, weightlifting, track and field, or any of the other events taking place, there’s still good reason to tune in to these Games — particularly if you’re a small business. That’s right, the Summer Olympics may seem like a giant corporate blowout, but they can also teach small businesses a thing or two if you look at them the right way.

So in the spirit of my earlier post about marketing lessons you can learn from baseball, and because there are five Olympic rings, here are five things that small businesses can learn from the 2012 Summer Olympics. Continue reading

Everything I Know About Small Business Marketing I Learned from Watching Baseball

20 Apr

Today is the day the Red Sox are celebrating the 100th birthday of Fenway Park.

Yesterday, I took part in the team’s Open House and spent a chunk of the day wandering the country’s oldest (and yes, most beloved) ballpark.

In short, it was awesome. I got to go into the Sox dugout, touch the Green Monster (Wally too), sit in the famous Ted Williams seat, and basically, go anywhere in the park that I wanted to. It was a perfect way to spend a few hours.

Of course, truth be told, I haven’t always been a Red Sox fan (I grew up in New York, and am the child of Mets fans). But I’ve always been a baseball fan.

I love the drama, the history, the athleticism, the strategy, the pageantry, the pomp and circumstance … and how aspects of baseball translate into other areas of my life, like my career as a marketer.

I know that even when my team isn’t doing well — which, yes, lately is too often — there’s still plenty to learn from watching each game.

So humor me, if you will, as I share nine things you can learn about small business marketing from watching baseball. Continue reading