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Making Plans

17 Oct

Since it seems that Lindsay Lohan and I both seem to have the same life plan — we both want to be married by the time we’re 30 — I would like to publicly offer to marry Ms. Lohan and make an honest woman out of her.

LiLo, will you marry me? I’m not doing anything on Saturday. Can you meet me here in Boston? Consider this also your invitation, my lucky readers.

(Hopefully Lindsay won’t notice that I’m actually 32 and clearly missed my “deadline.” It’s alright, though. Some things are better late than never.)

At Least I Got an Umbrella

11 Jun

umbrellaI’m happy to report that my 10-year reunion has come and passed.

And while I only went to the barbecue on Saturday afternoon (which was moved indoors because of the weather), that was clearly enough. Continue reading

When Am I Going to Get Mine?

26 Feb

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy buying gifts.

I think it’s a fun creative exercise of sorts, and a test of how well I know someone or what they’d like.

And I think I’m good at it — usually — or at least I’m told I give great gifts.

For example, I was supposed to go fishing a couple weeks ago with a friend of mine for his birthday. The trip didn’t work out, so I bought him fish of a different variety, the Swedish kind.

And I also have no problem buying a bottle of wine or something when I go over to someone’s new house or apartment, or spending extra if I find a gift I particularly like, even if I know it won’t be reciprocated.

Similarly, and please don’t get me wrong on this point especially, I am happy for all my friends’ marriages, births, and other special occasions. Continue reading

One Degree of Martin

7 Sep

I suppose it’s cool knowing that I went to school with actors who have made it big.

I may not have been friends with all of these guys, but still, who doesn’t enjoy saying “I know him?”

These days, I can do that with a solid handful of folks. Continue reading