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Phone Books: The Sequel

7 Jan

Sometimes sequels can be good, right?

Toy Story 2 was a heck of a good movie.

So was Godfather 2.

So here’s something close to as good as those films: Just about a week after I blogged about my building receiving too many phone books, I have discovered that Yellowbook is allowing people to opt-out of receiving phone books in the future, both yellow and white pages.

Far be it from me to take any credit for this (and seriously, I know I had nothing to do with it), but this is great news.

Now my neighbors and I just have to recycle all the books that are still sitting in the same place where they were left last week …

Sorry, Wrong Number

29 Dec

Yesterday, as I was leaving my apartment, I noticed that Yellowbook had dropped off the 2009 phone books.

Do you know how many they left us? Sixteen.

Do you know how many people live in my building? Exactly six.

Any moron with a pair of eyes could see that there are only six mailboxes here, and the phone books are all stacked up right underneath them.

And now it’s a day and a half later, and all 16 are still there, untouched.

So on behalf of my neighbors and the entire earth, I have this to say to the folks at Yellowbook: “Thanks, but no thanks. Next time, save the trees and don’t bother giving us any.”

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