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It Makes Me Happy

2 Oct

When it comes to golf, my style of play is more Happy Gilmore than Tiger Woods.

There’s no grace to admire, no skill to strive for.

It’s just me, a ball, and a club that makes it go very, very far the harder I hit it.

My sport has always been softball, and if I had to pick an ideal position to play, it’d be designated hitter (which, of course, doesn’t exist in softball).

So maybe that explains why my return to the course this summer has been, shall we say, less than successful. Continue reading

Back in the Swing of Things

21 May

Last week some coworkers grabbed me on their way out the door and invited me to join them at a local driving range.

Now it’s a weekly thing, and I’m happy to say that my golf clubs are officially out of storage.

Part of the appeal of buying my condo was its proximity to a public golf course, but I’ve lived here for more than a year and I’ve never taken advantage of it.

Now I don’t feel as bad about that because I work a short distance from another course and I’m taking good advantage of that one.

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