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Thank You for All of These Things (And More)

25 Nov
Photo courtesy of Paul Downey/Flickr

Photo courtesy of Paul Downey/Flickr

Thank you.

Those are two words that don’t get said nearly enough. These days, we’re so quick to jump on people and businesses for doing things we don’t like, but we hardly ever recognize the good things that make us happy and show our gratitude for them.

That’s just one reason why it’s nice that Thanksgiving exists: Because other than enjoying delicious food — mmmm … turkey and gravy — it’s the one time of year when everyone gets to express how grateful they are. It’s like the great poet Nicole Westbrook once said: “Don’t be hateful, gotta be grateful!

(All kidding aside, according to a recent New York Times article, being grateful will actually make you happier person.)

With that in mind, I just wanted to take a second right here, right now, to say thank you for reading. Not just this blog post, but any and all posts you may have read over the years. I recently celebrated my tenth blogiversary, a milestone I’d never have reached were it not for the fact that people actually care what I have to say. I appreciate your support and never take it for granted.

And now, to continue my tradition, here (in no particular order) are more of the people, places, and things I am thankful for this year. Thank you to each and every one of them. Continue reading