It’s Fall. Time to Answer the Big Question

15 Sep

entertainment-weekly-fall-tv-preview-2014I wish I could say it feels like yesterday since the last TV season ended, but the truth is, it feels like many months have passed since I last saw folks like Alicia Florrick, Schmidt, Mindy Lahiri, and Kevin “Mr. Wonderful” O’Leary.

What’s going to happen to them this season? Will Amanda Clarke stay on course after she learns her father is very much alive? Will Jessica Lange’s character on American Horror Story this year be more over the top than the ones she’s played in years past? Where will the Amazing Racers go? And what stories will Will McAvoy report on now?

These questions and many others will be answered in a few days’ time. Hooray!

Oh, and as if that’s not already enough to look forward to this fall, there are also these 10 things:

But seriously, all of the above leads me to the one big question I ask myself every year at this time, just as soon as the Entertainment Weekly fall TV preview issue arrives in my mailbox: What shows will I make an attempt to watch? With so many to choose from — returning favorites and new additions — my DVR is already busy. Add in a social life, and there just isn’t as much time in a single week to spend watching every possible show as I’d like there to be.

Hard decisions will have to be made. The three-strikes rule applies this year, just as it has in previous seasons: If I fall behind on watching three episodes of any show in a row, chances are good I didn’t really want to watch them anyway, so they’re nixed from the queue.

But for now, as the new season begins, here are the shows I’m going to attempt to watch, night by night. (My assumption is I won’t watch every show on the night they originally air.)

Sunday: Brooklyn Nine-Nine, The Good Wife, Revenge, Mulaney, The Newsroom, The Comeback, Last Week Tonight with John Oliver

Monday: Gotham

Tuesday: The Flash, Marry Me, New Girl, The Mindy Project

Wednesday: Arrow, Modern Family, Nashville, American Horror Story: Freak Show

Thursday: A to Z

Friday: The Amazing Race, Shark Tank, Real Time with Bill Maher

Saturday: Saturday Night Live

Oh, and that’s not even including nightly things like The Daily Show or a Patriots game on select Sunday, Monday, or Thursday nights. (Thank God the Red Sox won’t be in the playoffs this year.)

Full disclosure: I won’t end up watching every one of those shows. Check with me a month from now to see what series passes have already been nixed. (I expect at least one or two shows on Sunday to fall by the wayside, for example.) But as the new season starts, I’m looking forward to seeing my TV friends again and at least trying to make some new ones.

What shows are YOU most looking forward to this season? Are there any I should add to — or remove from — my list? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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