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Everybody’s Searching for Something

6 Jun

the_internship_posterIt’s hard to judge The Internship solely as a movie.

That’s because it’s more an advertorial for Google than it is a movie — as anyone who’s seen even the smallest shred of the film’s marketing campaign can attest.

I mean, holy product pimping, Batman! This film shills harder for the search engine and all its auxiliary tools than American Idol does for Coke and Ford.

It’s more in the tank for Google than You’ve Got Mail was for AOL back in 1998.

More than The Wizard was for Nintendo back in 1989.

And yes, even more than Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle was for the burger chain in 2004.

Hell, I’m surprised the film’s not called Google: The Movie.

But alright, now that we’ve got that out of the way, can we move on?



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