I Love These Things, on Valentine’s Day and Always

14 Feb

love-sunset-handsHere’s the thing about Valentine’s Day that so many people forget: It’s not just for people in relationships.

It’s a day to celebrate love, and to do things you love doing.

That’s how I spend the day: Eating at places I love, listening to music I love, giving attention to people I love, and so on.

If you look at the day like I do, it’s hard to get all grumbly when confronted with all the flowers, candy, and general mushiness in the air.

One day, I’ll get swept into all that again. But until then, I’ll be celebrating these things that I love, on Valentine’s Day and always:

Alec Baldwin’s Here’s the Thing podcasts

Trying not to eat an entire order of Cookie Dough Pancakes at In a Pickle all by myself

Conversations with my niece

A warm hoodie from Roots

The way the folks at Finagle a Bagel in Chestnut Hill get my cookie and soda ready when they see me on line, before I’ve even ordered them

FaceTiming with my nephews

Shark Tank

Roast beef sandwiches at Sam Lagrassa’s

Great photos on Instagram

Winning a game of Words with Friends

Shoshanna and Marnie on Girls (for very different reasons)

Laying under my Slanket on a cold night

2nd Street Creamery’s Truck Stop Fudge

Browsing the magazine rack at Barnes & Noble

The movies of Paul Thomas Anderson

The macaroni and cheese at Johnny’s Luncheonette

Twitter, for, among other things, being a lifeline to the outside world

Red Rocks Ampitheatre

Cupcakes with lots of icing

Take-out places with caller-ID where, when I call to place an order, the staff asks, “Is this Martin?”

Live from Daryl’s House

Staying up till 12 a.m. on Wednesday nights to download and skim through the new issue of Entertainment Weekly on my iPad


Walking the streets of Boston in late afternoon around sunset, or after dark during the summer

The music and worldview of Bruce Springsteen

I love all of these things, and so much more.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

What things do you love, that you’re celebrating today? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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