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The More Things Change, Do They Also Stay the Same?

14 Nov

It’s hard to believe, but my 20-year high school reunion is just a week and a half away.

As I’ve previously written here, this will be the first time our class has gotten together in any kind of organized/“official” way since we all graduated in 1992, and I’m looking forward to it.

To remind myself of what I may have in store, this week I got out the journals I kept during high school and skimmed through the ones from senior year.


Even though I read through them two years ago, I had forgotten just how lame I was back in the day. I obsessed about why people who drink alcohol are bad, stupid people — and about why I should or shouldn’t try a beer. I was a clueless flirt who missed so many signs (and sure things). I had an active (and delusional) fantasy life. And so on.

I’d like to think I’m a smarter, cooler, funnier, more confident, more stylish, more grounded, and more socially savvy (online and off) person than I used to be. Continue reading

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