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Skin Deep

25 Dec

In the film Shame, Michael Fassbender plays a man with a real problem: He’s addicted to sex.

In all forms.

Gotta have it.

Each night he’s with a different woman, never forming any emotional connection with them, and he’s always on the prowl for his next encounter.

In fact, the guy’s so hungry he can seduce a woman just by looking at her the right way.

Could be worse, I suppose.

And yes, it could be better.

But first, Fassbender’s character, Brandon, has to realize that what he’s doing is wrong. That happens when Brandon’s sister, Sissy (Carey Mulligan), arrives and he begins to develop a conscience about what he’s doing. Suddenly he has to hide his addiction (not to mention his porn magazines, videos, and web sites), or else he’ll be exposed and he’ll have to deal with it.

That’s right: It’s good, jolly stuff, just in time for the holidays. Continue reading

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