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Off the Grid

17 Dec

Jeff Bridges just doesn’t look right in Tron:Legacy, and it’s not just because he’s been stuck in a computer game for 20 years. In this sequel to the 1982 film, we learn that Bridges’ character, Kevin Flynn, has been trapped inside the game he created, and he’s been held captive by the avatar of himself that he created. The “real” Flynn has aged, but the avatar, called Clu, has not — and quite frankly, it looks creepy. Worse, the “real” Flynn has gone all Lebowski, with his beard and his propensity to attach “man” to his speech. It’s just not right.

The original Tron wasn’t any kind of masterpiece or anything (not that I’ve seen it in 25 years), and this new take likely won’t be perceived as a classic, either. It’s got some cool special effects, but those are mostly in the first half when Flynn’s son, Sam (Garrett Hedlund), has first entered the game. The dialogue is often stilted and clunky, and even Bridges can’t save the material. I wish I could say Tron: Legacy was at minimum a fun movie, but I think all the good stuff is still stuck in the machine. I’m giving the movie a C+.

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