Being an Uncle Isn’t All Good

21 Jun

They say there’s no downside to being an uncle.

You can play with a kid, get him or her all riled up, laugh, always be on his or her good side, etc … and then, when things go sour, you just hand the kid back to the parents and they deal with it.

And for the most part, I agree with that. It’s always fun spending time with my niece, Abby, whether it’s in person or on the phone as I drive home from work. And when she gets cranky, well, that’s not my problem.

This past weekend, I got to spend a lot of time with Abby because I went down to New York for Father’s Day and stayed at her house (she’d tell you it was her house, but really it’s my sister and her husband’s).

I was there to cheer her up when she learned the pool was closed for the day. I was there to push her on her new swingset. I was there to clink our glasses and say “cheers!” when we were eating. I was there when she was a mess eating an ice cream cone. I was there to put her on my shoulders as we went to see the ducks and fish in a local park. I was there to read her a story before bedtime. And I was there in the morning when she woke up wearing cupcake pajamas (I know, how awesome) and wanted to play.

And then I had to leave.

To see Abby’s smile turn to a look of worry and sadness was heartbreaking. She was hanging out with her cousins, but she got right up and left them so she could walk me out to my car. And then, well, this happened:

There’s no downside to being an uncle? I don’t agree.

Having to say goodbye to my little buddy really and truly sucks.

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