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I Love These Days

3 Apr

During the cold winter months, my friend Todd often asks me why I don’t leave the northeast and move out to Los Angeles, where he lives. After all, it never snows there and the weather is near perfect more often than it’s not (just like Randy Newman sang in his famous song). Well, you want to know why? It’s because of days like today. Days so nice and warm and sunny and clear, days that come after a long cold winter and lots of heavy rain, days that you can’t help but appreciate because they haven’t happened for a few months. (Not including the tease a couple weeks ago.) Do the Los Angelenos notice the change of seasons? Doubtful. But we do here in Boston, and it’s awesome living here this time of year.

Everything’s better in the springtime in Boston. The temperatures are warmer. The skies are bluer. Clouds are fewer. Ice cream tastes better. People are more social. They’re better looking too. Baseball’s back and hope for the Sox springs eternal. Moods are better. More stuff’s going on. People are out in the street, shedding layers and smiling. I’ve got a more positive, optimistic outlook on life. To put it most simply, I’m happier. (I guess there really is something to be said for that Seasonal Affective Disorder crap after all.)

Today and tomorrow it’s going to be near 80 degrees. I’ve got my shorts on and a tshirt, and I’m ready to get outside and do stuff. Hopefully the bad weather is all behind us now. But even if it’s not, to paraphrase Billy Joel, “I love these days” and I can’t wait to enjoy them.

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