Thanks Again, Google Maps

21 Mar

Yesterday, with the temperature up in the lower 70s and the sun shining bright, I decided I had two options for how to spend my day: I could go for a long drive or I could go for a long walk.

I decided to combine the two and head out to the outlets in Wrentham.

I’d been there beforemany times, in fact — but I never can seem to remember exactly how to get there. So I looked up directions using the Google Maps app on my iPhone and used the route it gave me.

Sure, I was skeptical when I was advised to go down Route 1 and take it all the way to 495 — instead of taking 95 to 495 — but given the nice weather, I decided to follow this unfamiliar route.

After all, one of the last times I put my trust in Google Maps to get me somewhere, I really enjoyed seeing some new places.

Well, yesterday was no different. Sure, I’d driven down Route 1 before, but never starting all the way up in Dedham and never on a non-game or non-event day.

Which means there was pretty much clear sailing through the ‘burbs, and more significantly, no traffic in or out of Patriot Place yesterday.

So when I had had enough of the outlets in Wrentham, I decided to take the longer way back and stop off in Foxborough at Patriot Place for the first time to walk around and see what there was to see. It was an enjoyable place to spend some time on a non-game day.

And then I stayed on Route 1 to go home, and decided to stop off at Legacy Place in Dedham — another nice place to spend an hour or so walking around.

All in all, mission accomplished.

I had a nice drive, with the windows down and great music playing, and I got to walk around some nice areas and soak up the sun.

Thanks again to Google Maps for getting me to my destinations and taking me there via a new route.

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