She Does It All Again

26 Jan

One of my favorite albums of the past few years is Corinne Bailey Rae‘s self-titled debut. Songs like “Put Your Records On,” “Trouble Sleeping,” “I’d Like To,” “Breathless,” and “Call Me When You Get This” have a nice new-soul/pop/jazz sound that Bailey Rae sings with an equally gentle and modern voice. This is a fantastic Sunday brunch or easy summer afternoon kind of album, the kind you don’t feel embarrassed to have playing in your car with the windows down on a nice day. It’s like the album Macy Gray always wanted to make, but never could because her voice wasn’t as pleasant as Bailey Rae’s.

It’s been a rough couple years since that album came out — Bailey Rae’s husband died as a result of an accidental drug overdose — but she’s back today with a new collection of songs, called The Sea. I found the album on the interwebs over the weekend, have been giving it a good listen, and while I like it, I can’t rave just yet. So far, the songs have a different, heavier sound (other reviews I’ve read are calling it “intense”) that reflects the recent events of Bailey Rae’s life. But then there’s a song like “I’d Do It All Again” and I realize that no matter what challenges she’s dealt with, Bailey Rae is still the talented and captivating singer I originally fell for.

The Sea is out today. Support a still up-and-coming artist and grab yourself a copy. (For the record, even though I downloaded it gratis this weekend, I’m going to buy it anyway.)

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