I Resolve To …

1 Jan

Like it or not, January and 2010 are both here.

Among other things, that means it’s time to stop looking back and start to look forward.

In most cases, that also means coming up with some resolutions for things to change in the new year.

Generally, I don’t make New Year’s resolutions because I’m never able to keep them.

But this year I’m going to publish my list of resolutions here, and I’m hoping that the public declaration will help me stick to them.

So with that in mind, I resolve to …

1. Not gain weight, or more specifically, to weigh as much as — or preferably less than — I do now when the clock strikes 12:00 a.m. on January 1, 2011. Part of that will involve showing some restraint when I see leftover cake or cookies in my office kitchen (or if I’m at Costco), and part of it will involve finally going to the gym in my condo complex (and working out when I’m there).

2. Put myself out there more. Which means I’m going to stop being so much of a homebody, stop spending so much time by myself, and I’m going to try to be more open to meeting new people.

3. Read more. Books yes, but also Twitter feeds, industry websites/blogs, and other things that will help me be better at my job.

4. Go on vacation. An actual vacation. That means I hope not just to travel, but to go somewhere warm, nice, relaxing, and fun. It’s been a long time — too long — since I went on such a trip. I think I’m due.

Alright, four resolutions is enough, some more realistic than others.

Today is January 1. I hope you’ll help me stick to these goals this year.

4 Responses to “I Resolve To …”


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