Time to Tune In Again

24 Sep

The cooler temperatures and return of college students means one thing: the new TV season is here.

Finally, I can stop wasting my evenings because I’ll have something to do again other than watch Red Sox games and go out (said with all due sarcasm).

I wonder if my couch and my Slanket have missed me.

Anyway, it’s become a quasi-tradition here, so just as I’ve done before, I thought I’d share what I plan to watch this season.

Here’s my weekly lineup:

Monday: How I Met Your Mother at 8pm, Gossip Girl at 9pm

Tuesday: The Good Wife at 10pm (maybe)

Wednesday: Glee at 9pm, Modern Family and Cougar Town at 10pm (recorded during the 9-10 hour), Eastwick (maybe)

Thursday: Weekend Update Thursday at 8pm (until October 1), then Community at 8pm (starting October 8), The Office at 9pm, Community at 9:30pm (until October 1), then 30 Rock at 9:30pm (starting October 15), Grey’s Anatomy at 10pm (recorded during the 9-10 hour)

Friday: Nothing, catching up on anything I missed during the week

Saturday: Saturday Night Live at 11:30pm (if I’m home)

Sunday: The Amazing Race at 8pm, Curb Your Enthusiasm at 9pm (starting when the Seinfeld cast does, on October 4), Brothers & Sisters at 10pm

I know, I know: That’s an awful lot of TV — and it doesn’t count House, which I’d like to start watching this season, but I’m sure I won’t have time for.

The truth is, I’m sure some of the new shows won’t live up to the hype or my expectations, and especially when there’s a time conflict (as on Wednesday nights), I expect to fall behind on a few shows and not catch up.

And, most importantly, I do still expect and hope to have a life outside of my apartment (that’s what a DVR is for).

Thus, by the time Lost and American Idol return in January, I expect my weeks to be a bit less TV-filled.

But enough excuse-making. For now, it’s a new season, and I have more reasons to tune in. My TV is ready. Is my DVR?

– – – – – –

Update, 9/24 10:30 pm: Forget what you read above. After watching the first episode of Flash Forward and the second episode of Community, I’m changing my Thursday at 8pm plan. I’ll now be watching Flash Forward from here on out.

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