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You Can’t Rush My Stimulus, Baby

3 Mar

The reviews today haven’t been overwhelmingly positive, but I have to say, I really kind of enjoyed the premiere episode of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon last night. I think he did a good job with the monologue, and I appreciated all the goofy humor of the first third of the show (maybe it’s because I was watching that part in the morning, when I was still half asleep). Sure, Jimmy’s gotta work on his interviewing skills so he’s as comfortable with someone like Justin Timberlake as he is with someone like “Bob” De Niro, but I’ll keep tuning in because I like Jimmy Fallon and this show looks like it’s going to be a lot of fun.

For a taste of what Jimmy has going on, here’s my favorite part of the episode: where Jimmy and the Roots (his awesome house band) “slow jam” a news story about opposition to Barack Obama’s economic stimulus plan. Enjoy!

Let Me in the Sound!

3 Mar

When Rolling Stone and Entertainment Weekly have already written raves, I feel like there’s nothing more of any significance that I can add. But I do want to register my enthusiastic thumbs up approval for U2’s new album, No Line on the Horizon. Some albums take repeated listens to truly enjoy. For example, I needed to listen to Lily Allen’s latest album twice before I knew I loved it. But NLotH I liked from the first chords of the opening title track. No, it’s not a perfect album from start to finish (those lines about “force quit and move to trash” in the song “Unknown Caller” are really corny), but the first half especially is terrific. I love “Magnificent” and “Moment of Surrender.” Even “Get on Your Boots” sounds better when listened to as part of the entire album and not on its own as a single. So yeah, rush right out and pick this one up.

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