Getting the Call

6 Nov

My mind’s all made up about who I’m voting for tomorrow, but let me just say that the only thing that may make me change my mind is if the supporters of a certain Democratic gubernatorial candidate keep calling me before 9am.

Thursday, when I was on a day off from work, I was awakened at 8:30 with a reminder to vote.

I got another one when I was away over the weekend (thank you, caller ID), and this morning, in the worst offense yet, I got a recorded message from Chobee Hoy herself that shut off after 10 seconds and never finished. I can only assume that she was also calling to remind me to get out and vote.

It’s bad enough that I’m getting these calls so early — and I get it that they want to reach people before they leave for work — but getting a bulk, impersonal, recorded campaign phone call before 9am is just not cool.

One Response to “Getting the Call”

  1. Steve November 8, 2006 at 4:35 pm #

    Poor Marty… being woken up before 9am by a political recording for a couple of days out of the year… Try being woken up every few hours of every night for the last three months by a screaming, teething baby, and then tell me how you feel…

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