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Lucky Man

10 May

The truth is, life is pretty good for me these days.

I’ve got two young nephews and a niece who just turned 3 years old.

I’ve been busy, I’m happy, and the weather is turning nicer.

Oh, and last week at this time I was in Captiva Island, Florida, on another trip for work.

Already this year I’ve been to Las Vegas and Key Biscayne for conferences.

And this was the second time I’ve been to Captiva for this particular conference. Continue reading

So Damn Lucky to Have Been There

31 May

Where to start about night two of Dave Matthews Band’s two-night homestand at Fenway Park?

After all, there’s, ahem, so much to say.

For one thing, my seat was a vast improvement over the one I had Friday night. There’s just no comparison between sitting in the Grandstand (where I was Friday) and sitting on the field (where I was last night).

As Dave sings in one of my favorites of his songs, “Everything’s different … just like that.” The sound quality on the field is clearer, louder, sharper, crisper, and better — as is the view, of course.

Also, the audience is much more engaged with the show. They’re also older and less inclined to smoke up (at least that was the case with those around me).

And that all added up to a much better experience for me. It was like I had been to two completely different shows. Continue reading

Woody Allen Gets Lucky

8 Jan

Alternate headline: Advantage Woody
Alternate headline: Don’t Call It a Comeback

With a track record over the past half-decade that includes Hollywood Ending and Anything Else, it seemed as if Woody Allen was off his game. But with Match Point, it’s clear that something has gotten through to Woody, because his latest is a real and welcome change from his lackluster product of late.

Yes, Match Point appears at first to be classic Woody, what with its opening title sequence being the same minimalist style as most every other one of his films. But we’re not in Kansas here, folks, or New York, for that matter. Continue reading