5 More People from Twitter Who I’d Like to Meet Offline

15 Mar

twitter-logo-circleI love Twitter the most when it’s people talking to people, not marketers promoting their products and services, or people autosharing their Foursquare check-ins or Instagram photos, or readers generically sharing an article headline.

Just good ole person-to-person conversation.

When people on Twitter let you in, and show you that they’re about more than their job, and they actually show a personality, then you want to learn more about them and everything they want to share.

Even better, you begin to feel like you actually know these people, even if you don’t.

Because a simple “Follow Friday” tweet wouldn’t suffice, last week I shared a list of five people I follow on Twitter who I’ve never been in the same room with but I feel like I kinda sorta know, and who I would love to meet offline.

Here’s another five, in no particular order:

1. Matt Cheuvront – @mattchevy
I’ve been a fan of Matt’s for some time now, and a reader of his Life Without Pants blog for even longer. Matt’s all about the hustle; every day he tweets and emails quick inspirational kicks in the ass that provide perspective, get you going, and make you more ready to take on your challenges. This is a guy who doesn’t just talk the talk: Matt is a runner, he’s building his own business, and he just comes across on Twitter like a really good, smart guy.

2. Chester Bullock – @coskier
An industry peer, Chester and I have been online pals for a while, but have never crossed paths offline. An avid photographer and skier, Chester is worth following on Twitter for the digital marketing expertise he shares, but also because he tweets about traveling, the Denver Broncos (grumble, grumble), and other topics, all in a very personable, friendly way. Chester also loves to share photos of airplanes and Lego figures in fun poses, both on Twitter and Instagram.

3. Sam Balsama – @sambalsama
Sam is one of those guys who tweets about working more than he tweets about the work itself, and I love that about him because it helps to give the company he works for more of a personal identity. But Sam also has great taste in music, which he tweets about when he’s not sharing photos of his family or discussing his running routes. Sam’s a fellow marketer, and he lives up in New Hampshire, so I’m hoping we will meet sometime soon.

4. Adam Gaffin – @universalhub
Alright, so I don’t know much about Adam himself, but through him, I’ve learned a ton about the city I live in. Adam pretty much personifies community journalism in the Twitter age, retweeting timely questions and information, bringing people together, and keeping everyone in the loop on the stuff our mainstream media outlets don’t always get to. He’s an indispensible source of info that everyone in the Boston area should be following. One other reason I like Adam: He’s linked to my blog a bunch from his website, and I’m appreciative of that because he helped my site get traffic when I was just starting out.

5. Pat Stansik – @patstansik
Want a laugh? Then you should be following this aspiring comedy writer, actor, and filmmaker — the guy behind such classic videos as “I’m 24” and “Tall Blonde Girl.” While Pat was at the University of Michigan, and then after graduation, he hosted the weekly Pre-Gaming with Pat series, which amusingly documented campus life on football-game days. Nowadays, Pat posts a new video every Monday night from his new home in Los Angeles. In between them, he shares behind the scenes tidbits and funny observations. And if you need more incentive, you should know that Pat was the videographer who documented Hoodie Allen’s tour last year.

So there you go: Five people I’ve never met before who I’d like to meet, based on how they use Twitter (and other social channels).

Do you agree with this list? If so, send a tweet and help me spread the word!

Is there anyone you like on Twitter who I should know about? Let me know in the comments section below.

And come back soon to see the next five people on my list! (I promise there will be at least one woman next time.)

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