A Weekend for Manly Men

17 Jan

In all the years I’ve lived in Boston (that’s 13, if you’re wondering), and with all the winters that my mom has spent in Florida, my dad has never come up by himself for a “Boys Weekend.”

At least, that was the case before this past weekend.

Dad came up Saturday morning, and we did the kinds of things that men do.

For example, we went on a tour of Fenway Park, we went to the TD Garden and tried to get into the New England Sports Museum (but it was closed), we went out for steaks at our favorite restaurant (Ruth’s Chris, like you didn’t know), we played some Wii, we drove around town listening to sports radio, slept late on Sunday, took our time getting out the door, and then ended the weekend with more food (at Mel’s Commonwealth Cafe).

Minus the strippers, gambling, and grunting, I’d say it was indeed a manly men kind of visit.

Back to Ruth’s Chris for a second. Have I mentioned lately how much I love this restaurant?


Well then allow me to sing its praises again.

First of all, the place is located in Old City Hall, in what I’ve deemed the Meat Mecca of Boston because it’s right around the corner from another of my favorite places, Sam LaGrassa’s.

And what a meal we had last night.

My filet — 11 ounces of meat, perfectly seasoned (salt, pepper, butter, etc.) and cooked, juicy, and served on a steaming hot plate to keep it warm — was just about as perfect as meat could be.

Coupled with a good iceberg wedge salad, creamed spinach, shoestring potatoes, and chocolate mousse for dessert (oh, and don’t forget the wine), it was just an incredible meal.

We had great service, sat in a nice part of the restaurant, and left quite contented (and stuffed).

Ruth’s Chris is always worth a plug, and this more-than-satisfied customer is more than happy to give a testimonial — and to go back anytime anyone wants to.

But anyway, it was a great weekend with Dad.

Weather was ideal (for mid January, anyway), we did fun things, and I got to show off my city a little bit more than I can when both my parents come up.

I hope we’ll get to do this again soon.

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