More to Be Thankful For

29 Nov

I was remiss on Wednesday when I posted my list of the things I’m thankful for this year because I left off my sister and brother-in-law, Mitzi and Jason. This weekend they gave me a couple more reasons why they should have been on the list.

First, on Wednesday afternoon, they surprised me by taking Abby and me to the mall after we picked her up from day care.

A shopping trip? Why, no.

They figured, why not bring together my two great loves — Christmas and Abby — and celebrate them in a picture with Santa Claus? (And if it got me to change my mind about not doing a new Very Marty Xmas CD this year, then that would be a bonus.)

I was stunned, impressed, and excited, because I’ve never had my picture taken with Santa Claus, and I thought taking one with him and Abby would be really fun.

Alas, Abby did not agree. She was a bit freaked out by Santa and just wouldn’t go anywhere near him, despite how nice he looked, and how helpful he was trying to be. Clearly, I have some edumicating to do about how wonderful this man is.

But the point is, Mitzi and Jason tried, and for that, they earned some big points.

The second thing they did was give me a niece. Alright, that’s nothing new, but this weekend Abby made me happier than ever.

During the day on Friday, while Mitzi, Abby, and I were hanging out (at Stepping Stones and other places), Abby began to say some new words: “Unca Momo” and then, more clearly, Mar-Tin. If you’ve ever been lucky enough to hear a toddler say your name for the first time, then you know how it made me feel. It warmed my heart and made me feel even more loved.

Abby says my name in syllables, with the first one a higher pitch than the other. It’s awesome. And it’s even better because I know she knows it’s me she’s saying, and not just any word (because she would say it and point at me).

Even better than that? At 8:10 a.m. this morning, Mitzi sent me a text message: “Abby has been up since 5:30 and keeps walking around saying Martin.” Another text came at 2:40 p.m.: “Mom and Dad showed up before and Abby yelled out Martin!” Too bad I was not there.

So yes, I am also thankful for my sister and brother-in-law for bringing me joy this past weekend, and always.


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